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Beauty IQ Institute Online Master Classes

Chemical Peels : Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, TCA, Jessners and Enzymes

Beauty IQ Institute Offers Our Most Advanced Epidermal Exfoliation Master Class Featuring Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, TCA, Jessners and Enzymes Chemical Peels Certification Course Delivered In Theoretical and Practical Training Featuring Live Beauty Intelligence Agency Models.

Our Advanced Chemical Peels Certification Course is Jammed Packed With Beauty Intelligence Including The Use of Gels, Lotions, Grams, and Cleansers That Effectively Dissolve The Skin’s Outer Layer To Reveal A Fresh, Youthful Layer With Reduction or Elimination of Oiliness, Fine Lines, Rough Skin and Other Skin Challenges.

The Purpose of Chemical Peels Is To Smooth Skin From Roughen Textures or Skin Challenges, Even Out Skin Tone, Provide Anti-Aging Effects Including Soften Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Eradicate Oiliness, Contract Pores and Provide Youthful Glow.

Beauty IQ Institute’s Chemical Peels Course Will Cover The Following :

  • Define All Types of Chemical Exfoliation
  • Deliver State Regulations Regarding Chemical Peels
  • Review of FDA Role in Classification of Cosmetics and Drugs
  • Deliver Education On Proper Skin Analysis
  • Deliver Education On Structure of Skin
  • Deliver Education On Skin Aging, Skin Disorders and Skin Cancer
  • Provide Instruction on Proper Client Consultation and Charting of Client Medical History
  • Deliver Instruction On Skin Assessment
  • Deliver Instruction On Effective Skin Care Treatments
  • Deliver Instruction On Physiological Differences In Facial and Body Skin
  • Explore Facial and Body Skin Treatments
  • Deliver Instruction On Effective Treatment of Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Aging Skin and More
  • Deliver Instruction On Skin Biology
  • Deliver Instruction On Using Effective Chemical Peel Solutions Formulated with Biocompatible Ingredients
  • Deliver Instruction On Getting Results Without Causing Skin Trauma aka The Low Dose Approach
  • Deliver Instruction On Identifying Skin Trauma
  • The Pros and Benefits Of Modified Jessner’s, TCA, Salicylic Acid and Retinol blends
  • Beauty IQ Institute Chemical Peel Pre-Treatment and Post Treatment Protocols
  • Beauty IQ Institute Chemical Peel Treatment Customization
  • Beauty IQ Institute Instructor Led Practical Chemical Exfoliation On Live Models

Beauty IQ Institute Students Will Develop Command Mastery of Beauty IQ Pro Chemical Peels Protocols and Receive The Prestigious Beauty IQ Institute Certification Upon Successful Completion Of This Course.

Beauty IQ Institute’s Chemical Peels Course Is A Multi-Day Master Class Offered In The Following Formats :

  • (3) Three Day Course x (8) Eight Hours Per Day (24) Twenty Four Hours Total
  • Offered Online (Theoretical Portion Available Online + Hybrid)
  • On Beauty IQ Pro Campus
  • Hybrid (1/2 Theoretical Online + 1/2 Practical or Hands-On Live)
  • Live Course (Entire 3 Day 24 Hour Course Offered Live)

Beauty IQ Institute’s Chemical Peels Certification Course Is Taught By Beauty IQ Institute Faculty Including Board Certified Medical Director Specializing In Dermatology, Aesthetic RNs, Licensed Medical Estheticians With A Minimum of 25+ Years Experience and Command Mastery of Advanced Medical Esthetics.

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For More Info Or To Enroll In Our New Spring-Summer-Fall 2021 To 2022 CoHort Beauty IQ Institute Chemical Peels Certification Course:

Contact A Beauty IQ Institute – Master Class Admissions Advisor At 877-6 BEAUTY. #GoBeautyIQPro