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Beauty IQ Institute Esthetics Programs

Chemical Peels Course I + Certification

Beauty IQ Institute’s Chemical Peels Certification Course

Beauty IQ Institute offers its chemical peel certification course providing comprehensive, introductory training on skin anatomy, skin analysis, skin conditions, chemical peel protocols and step-by-step practical guidance on how to provide chemical peels. An overview on subject for our chemical peels course curriculum consists of …

  • Skin anatomy
  • Chemical peel history
  • Skin conditions
  • Classifications and peel depth
  • Mechanism of action of common peeling agents
  • Contraindications
  • Avoiding potential complications
  • Post peel tips

Our Beauty IQ Institute Master Class offers this info-packed chemical peel certification course online.

The instructor will demonstrate the precise application of a mid-depth peel and give instructions for the participant to mimic the demonstration application in their own home with non-chemical components.

You will receive the prestigious Beauty IQ Institute | Skincare IQ Pro – Esthetics IQ Pro certificate of completion at the end of this course.

Notice:  If practitioners are planning to use an actual (non-simulated) mid-depth peel in this course or in their practice, they must be under the direction of a medical director with a DEA license, or a health professional possessing a DEA license.

PREREQUISITE:  Participants should be licensed estheticians, cosmetologists, or licensed medical professionals.
Level up your skincare skills with Beauty IQ Institute’s hybrid or live course.