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Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes x Beauty IQ Institute

5:00 PM

Apply Here To Become A Beauty IQ  PRO 

The Beauty IQ Institute Master Classes 2020 Roster offers advanced hair, skincare, makeup, nails,  beauty optimization, business of beauty, branding, packaging, marketing, technology and exclusive Beauty IQ PRO business-in-a-box training for accomplished and aspiring Beauty IQ PROS.

Rise Above The Every Day — Leverage Beauty Intelligence and The Oligarchy Beauty Interlocked Network To DOMINATE The Socio-Spatial Means To Generate and Maintain Beauty Power and Secure The Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition. 

Discover group, one-on-one private instruction and online Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes guaranteed to take your beauty business and career to the next level.

Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes are for the following : 

  • Beauty Bosses
  • Beauty Influencers
  • Licensed Beauty IQ PROs
  • Aspiring Beauty IQ PROs 
  • Beauty Business Owners
  • Medical Doctors 
  • Physician Assistants, Nurses and Other Licensed Medical Professionals
  • Beauty School Students 
  • Beauty Entrepreneurs
  • Beauty Brands 
  • Beauty Bosses 

Beauty IQ PRO Instructor Street Cred : 

The Beauty IQ Institute Master Classes are taught by credentialed, esteemed, veteran and celebrity Beauty IQ PRO instructors with decades of expertise in their chosen fields.

BIQ | Location Location Location

Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes are offered

  • On Location at our Class A CRE Beauty IQ Institute campuses
  • At Signature salons and spas
  • At Beauty IQ PRO Pop Ups 
  • Beauty IQ Institute Online Campus
  • USA, UK, Europe, Asia and MENA
  • Specifically, Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes are offered In Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Houston, New York and Hawaii. 

Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes Deliverables 

Gain command mastery of the industry’s most in-demand skills and receive the prestigious Beauty IQ PRO certification to validate your advanced training plus cop the tools to launch, promote or grow then DOMINATE your beauty, skincare, nails, brow, lash, aesthetics, styling and wedding x bridal business.


Beauty IQ PRO Master Class Tuition 

  • Affordable 
  • RSVP with $50% Deposit
  • Convenient Payment Plans
  • Financing Available 

Beauty IQ Institute’s Beauty IQ PRO Master Class 2020 Roster  : 

  • Beauty IQ PRO Braiding 101, Braiding 102 — Go Beauty IQ PRO To Grow and Launch Your Luxury Hair Braiding Business. Expand Your Clientele, Master The Fundamentals and Receive Braider Business In A Box Consulting. The Course Covers Beginning Braiding To Advanced Intricate Braids, Feed-Ins and Embellishments. Learn French Braids, Fishtail Braids, Dutch Braids, 4 Strand Braids, Rope Braids, Pull Thru Braids, Reverse Braids, Waterfall Braids, Milkmaid Braids, Senegalese Twists, Havana Kinky Twists, Box Braids, Faux Locks, Crochet Braids and Cornrows. Create Braids Like A Beauty IQ PRO and Grow Your New Braiding Business. Beauty IQ PRO Braiding Instructors Are The BEST In The Business. Course Fee : $400.00 USD For (8) Eight Hour Course. Private Session Available at $100.00 Per Hour. Mannequin and Braiding Tools Provided. Classes Start January 2020. 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Business-In-A-Box $199.00. Build Your Beauty Business Leveraging The Tools and Tech To Gain Market and Mind Share. Classes Start February 2020. 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Hair Weaving Course $400.00. Classes Start February 2020. 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Wedding x Bridal Hair x Makeup $650.00 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Makeup Course $999.00. Classes Start February 2020. 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Brows $1,000.00. Classes Start February 2020. 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Lashes $1,250.00. Classes Start February 2020. 

Currently Adding NEW! Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes.

Check Back For Intel On Beauty IQ PRO Master Class Course Description, Schedule, Locations, Fees and More!

Upcoming Beauty IQ PRO Master Classes :

  • Beauty IQ PRO Micro-Blading
  • Beauty IQ PRO Tattoo Removal
  • Beauty IQ PRO Nail Embellishments x Art
  • Beauty IQ PRO Chemical Peels
  • Beauty IQ PRO Micro-Dermabraision
  • Beauty IQ PRO Derma-Planing
  • Beauty IQ PRO Micro-Needling
  • Beauty IQ PRO Dark Circle Treatments
  • Beauty IQ PRO Acne Treatments
  • Beauty IQ PRO Broadband Light Therapy
  • Beauty IQ PRO HydroFacial
  • Beauty IQ PRO MediFacial
  • Beauty IQ PRO Halo Fractional Laser
  • Beauty IQ PRO PRP Facials
  • Beauty IQ PRO Botox
  • Beauty IQ PRO Dermal Fillers
  • Beauty IQ PRO Cellulite Treatment
  • Beauty IQ PRO Body Sculpting
  • Beauty IQ PRO PR 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Events
  • Beauty IQ PRO Mobile App 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Marketing 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Videography 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Wedding Planning 

The Beauty IQ Institute’s x Beauty IQ PRO Master Class Difference 

  • Curated Beauty Intelligence
  • Industry’s Esteemed Beauty IQ PRO Instructors
  • Advanced Beauty IQ PRO Training 
  • Group, One-on-One and Online Classes 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Certificate Upon Master Class Completion 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Beauty Business-In-A-Box 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Network Opps 
  • Book Beauty IQ PRO Gigs Via The Beauty Intelligence Agency 
  • Discounts at Beauty IQ PRO Beauty Supply
  • Exclusive Beauty IQ PRO Salon Suites
  • Beauty IQ PRO Branded Swag 
  • Beauty IQ PRO Kits 

RSVP To Reserve Your Spot In These In-Demand Beauty IQ PRO’s Master Classes! 

  • Get More Intel On Beauty IQ PRO Master Class Start Dates
  • Register For Classes
  • Pay For Classes
  • Become A Beauty IQ PRO 


Call 877-6BEAUTY 

Learn More About Beauty IQ Institute and Beauty IQ PRO Masterclasses at #WifeyCon 2020 x #BeautyIQPRO Expo 2020 Held In California, Colorado and NYC. Enroll NowBook BeautyShop WifeyRSVP Events

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Rhonda Coleman Albazie —- Founder of Wifey Beauty, Beauty Startup IQ Accelerator, Beauty IQ PRO, Skincare IQ PRO, Weight Loss IQ PRO, Wellness IQ PRO, the Beauty IQ PRO Institute, Beauty IQ PRO Salon and Spa Suites, Beauty IQ PRO Spas and Salons, Beauty IQ PRO Labs, Beauty IQ PRO Productions, the Beauty IQ PRO Blog, host of the Beauty IQ PRO Podcast and published author of dozens of titles is also the Director of BIA | Beauty Intelligence Agency, a class “A” CRE developer and a celebrity Beautefessional.

She’s began her professional cosmetology and esthetics training starting in 1994 and is an accomplished Beauty IQ Pro, Skincare IQ, Weight Loss IQ Pro and Wellness IQ Pro that has also trained in the U.S. , France, Switzerland and London. 

A cosmetologist, make up artist, cosmetic and skincare chemist and French trained holistic facialist that begins each treatment with the Skincare IQ Analysis protocol : 
* Skincare Analysis 
* Skincare Regimen Evaluation …Read More