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Alpha Spa, Inc helmed by class ‘A’ CRE developer, serial mergers and acquisitions entrepreneur and private equity rainmaker Rhonda Coleman Albazie announced the launch of its luxury defined beauty, health, spa and wellness portfolio featuring an Ai and data analytics…

  Hello Beautefessionals, UPDATE: Beauty IQ Institute campus administrative offices officially opened today — January 4, 2021 — the campus is located within the City of Lone Tree Municipal Offices, 9220 Kimmer Drive, Suite 230, Lone Tree, Colorado. We are…

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Beauty IQ Institute opens at Beauty IQ Pro Campus in Lone Tree, Colorado.

NEW Beauty IQ Institute UPDATE

Beauty IQ Institute Esthetics Programs
Beauty IQ Institute | The Future of Beauty Intelligence
Beauty IQ Institute Esthetics Programs
Beauty IQ Institute Esthetics Programs


Hello Beautefessionals,

UPDATE: Beauty IQ Institute campus administrative offices officially opened today — January 4, 2021 — the campus is located within the City of Lone Tree Municipal Offices, 9220 Kimmer Drive, Suite 230, Lone Tree, Colorado. We are so grateful for all of the support from the gracious City of Lone Tree Management for opening up space in their house for us and helping us to get set up to begin the journey of settling in and embarking upon our new beauty school adventure developing the future of beauty intelligence.

NOTE : Beauty IQ Institute is currently not accepting students, nor allowing on-site tours or visits from the public nor engaged in any marketing, advertising nor enrollment at this time. 

Pending Licensure From DHE Division of Private and Occupational Schools and effective resolution of the COVID pandemic threat within our city and state we expect to open our school, begin accepting enrollment and starting our first cohort in the Spring 2021. In full compliance with our state regulations, we will not engage in any school enrollment business, on campus tours, marketing, advertising or other school affairs that involve the public until our licensure is fully processed.

Beauty IQ Institute FAQs

Is the school currently accepting students for enrollment? No.

As a prospective student can I tour the school on your campus now before you open?  No.

What programs is the school planning  to offer ?

Beauty IQ Institute Courses Include Esthetics, Advanced Esthetics, Medical Esthetics and Master of Esthetics, Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Make Up, Massage and Instructor Training.

How much is the Beauty IQ Institute tuition? Tuition ranges from 3,500.00 to 28,000.00

Are you advertising and marketing now?

No, currently we are not, advertising or marketing however, we intend to roll out Beauty IQ Institute ad campaigns in digital, tv, direct mail, social media, telesales and live events in the spring 2021 upon finalizing the school licensure with Colorado state and regulatory agencies. Check back here for the launch of our Spring 2021 campaigns.

What languages will the school plan to offer classes and tutoring in?

Beauty IQ Institute speaks your language and will offer courses in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic to meet the needs of our diverse, multinational, multicultural and multilingual community.

Does Beauty IQ Institute offer financial aid?

As a brand new school we will begin the two year accreditation process with private agencies and upon securing this accreditation we will then offer full financial aid which includes Pell Grants, Federal Student Loans and accept other scholarships and grants.

Yes, we offer limited financial aid options. In the interim, Beauty IQ Institute will offer private scholarships and grants from our family foundation, private student loans and payment plans.

Who are the owners of Beauty IQ Institute? 

Beauty IQ Institute, Inc. is a private, U.S. Military Officer veteran, woman and minority owned firm.

Ownership and Management : #TeamMarriage  Rhonda and Stan Coleman ♥ 

Stan Coleman, Lt.Cdr. USN (Ret) | Trophy Husband, Patriotic Pro, Retried and Decorated U.S. Military Officer and a Gentleman, Defense & Aerospace Contractor , JD, Engineer and Real Estate Broker

Rhonda Coleman Albazie | Alpha Wife, Luxury CRE Developer, Serial M&A Entrepreneur, Private Equity Partner and Philanthropist. 

Beauty IQ Institute | Rhonda and Stan Coleman
Rhonda and Stan Coleman

As passionate patriots embodying the American Dream, our fave power (of love) couple has established a Beauty IQ Pro scholarship fund and grants from their private family office foundation to help fund the future of beauty intelligence education, training and dreams of Beauty IQ Institute students.

Rhonda and Stan are fully invested in military veteran, civic, corporate and philanthropic organizations throughout the Americas and across the globe. This interlocked network team also serves as board members, advisors and active sponsors underwriting many social good programs and events including hosting their own annual roaring ’20s Gatsby themed BHMOB Brain Ball.


What is the background and credentials of Beauty IQ Institute educators ?

Beauty IQ Institute’s elite faculty boasts veteran Beauty IQ Pros within the couple’s inner circle, celebrity hair stylists,  estheticians, make up artists, nail techs, barbers, massage therapists, beauty school instructors, high end salon and spa owners, media contributors, beauty brands and trendsetters, each practicing within their respective fields for a minimum of 20+ years and boasting beauty biz street cred to back it up. The core faculty team includes accomplished grad school level degree educated professionals who hold professional degrees as Juris Doctorate, Physician’s Assistant, BS in Chemistry, MScRE and more.

What is unique about Beauty IQ Institute? 

Beauty IQ Institute is a part of Beauty IQ Pro Campus which is being developed in multiple locations throughout Colorado, California, Texas and other locations within the Americas, U.K., EU, ASIA and MENA (Middle East, North Africa). The Beauty IQ Pro Campus includes beauty schools, 100+ master classes featuring Beauty IQ Pro, celebrity and physician instructors, luxury salon and spa suites, a branded mobile spa and salon,  a model and talent agency, booking agency for hairstylists, makeup artists, nail techs, groomers and other talent, proprietary Beauty IQ Pro software, a beauty supply and equipment store, multimedia production company, publishing house, Beauty IQ Pro Expo events, a cosmetics chemistry lab, marketing and publicity firm and a startup accelerator/incubator.

What special amenities does Beauty IQ Institute offer?

  • Beauty IQ Pro offers an elite and comprehensive education that develops the future of beauty intelligence
  • Upmarket student housing just two blocks from our campus
  • Private luxury shuttle
  • Campus located just 2 blocks to public transportation and the light rail
  • Located just 2 blocks from the #1 regional mall Park Meadows Mall and the City of Lone Tree’s entertainment district
  • Offering free and reduced child care benefits for students and staff
  • Offering on campus and online courses
  • Private Beauty IQ Institute intranet
  • Beauty IQ Pro luxury spas and salons (multiple locations)
  • Student clinic
  • Beauty IQ Institute proprietary add-on beauty school curriculum
  • Beauty IQ Institute Master Classes featuring 100+ courses for continuing education, career advancement or personal development
  • 5-star luxury study abroad trips
  • Beauty IQ Pro Fashion Week
  • Beauty IQ Pro Expo
  • Beauty IQ Institute mobile app
  • Beauty IQ Institute branded apparel
  • Beauty IQ Pro custom student kits
  • Celebrity speakers and beauty icons
  • Beauty IQ Media Series
  • Beauty IQ Pro Salon and Spa Suites for lease
  • BIA | Beauty Intelligence Agency
  • Beauty IQ Pro proprietary software plus more!
Beauty IQ Institute Cosmetology Program
Beauty IQ Institute Cosmetology Program

Beauty IQ Institute Nail Tech Program

Beauty IQ Institute Makeup Program
Beauty IQ Institute Makeup Program

Beauty IQ Institute Student Clinic



Beauty IQ Institute Master Classes
Beauty IQ Institute 100+ Master Classes | Learn Online or On Campus In The Americas, UK, Europe and MENA. #GoBeautyIQPro

Beauty IQ Institute Massage Program


Beauty IQ Pro Spa | Esthetics IQ Pro | Skincare IQ Pro


Although Beauty IQ Institute is not open to the public due to pending licensure processing and with respect to COVID precautions, our team is diligently working remotely and on limited office hours on campus.

Projects Team Beauty IQ Pro Is Working On In Prep For Our Spring 2021 Cohort 

  • Moving into our main Beauty IQ Institute Campus office at 9220 Kimmer Drive, Suite 230, Lone Tree, CO 80124.
  • Setting up systems, admin office, classrooms and workspaces with the help of the City of Lone Tree Facilities Manager
  • Opening Beauty IQ Pro Spa | Esthetics IQ Pro Spa | Skincare IQ Pro Spa in Lone Tree, Colorado
  • Launching Beauty IQ Pro Branded Products and Merchandise
  • Opening Beauty IQ Pro Beauty Supply and Equipment Stores
  • Securing class “A” property, completing buildout and 2021 opening of Beauty IQ Institute in Aurora, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Denver and Arvada.
  • Publishing Beauty IQ Institute Catalog 2021 featuring our programs, policies, procedures and protocols.
  • Publishing Beauty IQ Institute Enrollment Agreement
  • Setting up and test driving Beauty IQ Institute Programs Including Esthetics, Advanced Esthetics, Medical Esthetics, Master Esthetics, Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Massage and Instructor programs
  • Securing class “A” property, completing buildout for Beauty IQ Institute San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, CA.
  • Securing class “A” property, completing buildouts for Beauty IQ Institute Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.
  • Securing property, completing buildout and opening Beauty IQ Institute London, U.K.
  • Producing Beauty IQ Institute content in digital, video, podcast, webinars, e-books and print campaigns.
  • Publishing Beauty IQ Institute and Beauty IQ Pro books.
  • Interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training Beauty IQ Institute Instructors and staff.
  • Onboarding Beauty IQ Institute’s NEW! Program Director
  • Establishing our multilingual educational programs in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic.
  • Setting up our Milady’s curriculum and MindTap online.
  • Building Beauty IQ Institute Master Classes Online School offering 100+ Master Classes for CE, career advancement and personal development
  • Testing and publishing our new Beauty IQ Institute Mobile App.
  • Launching Beauty IQ Pro Software.
  • Planning Beauty IQ Institute 2022 extra-curricular activities including 5-Star Study Abroad Field Trips to London, Paris, Saint Tropez, Milan, Seoul, Japan, Dubai, Morocco and India.
  • Preparing For Beauty IQ Pro Fashion Week In Denver, NYC,  LA, San Diego, Miami, London, Paris, Milan, Dubai.
  • Establishing the Beauty IQ Institute – Rhonda Coleman Albazie Scholarship Fund with awards of up to $2,500.00 Per Student
  • Establishing the Beauty IQ Pro Foundation grants of up to $3,000.00 for Beauty IQ Institute students
  • Launching various Beauty IQ Pro Foundation campaigns to benefit the communities and constituents we serve.
  • Hosting Model-Influencer-Talent Castings at BIA | Beauty Intelligence Agency
  • Setting up and stocking BIQ Cosmetics Chemistry Labs
  • Conducting Beauty IQ Pro Startup Accelerator – Incubator Affairs With A New Co-Hort of Beauty, Skincare, Wellness and Weight Loss Startups, Entrepreneurs and Brands
  • Beauty IQ Pro PR Rolling Out Beauty IQ Institute 2021 Media Campaigns + Working On Media Placement
  • Finally, We’re On An Extended Self-Care, Stress Free, Resort Spa Vacation In The Hawaiian Islands ♥


For Beauty IQ Institute licensing processing queries please contact :

Colorado DHE Division of Private and Occupational Schools

(303) 862-3001


To apply for Jobs at Beauty IQ Institute go here :  Beauty IQ Institute Jobs

Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

BOOK A BEAUTY IQ PRO MEETING : Book a 15 minute meeting on our calendar to address any other queries about the Beauty IQ Institute that have not been covered in this update.  Simply go to our calendar at the link listed below, select a time slot that suits your avail and book an appointment here.

Until next time, Beautefessionals — #GoBeautyIQPro